Tip: Studying for Objective Tests

We all know that the term “multiple choice” can be a polarizing statement. On one hand, there is always a chance that you can get the question right by eliminating unlikely choices, whether you know the answer or not. The bad news? There is no partial credit. And sometimes, professors can be tricky with the questions they ask. To better prepare for potential deer-in-headlights moments, there are some study strategies you can use.

Read, take notes, and then re-read all material before the test. Make a study guide featuring a list of key points. Break down those key concepts by organizing this information around broad concepts.

Constantly review. The more you work with the material, the more likely it is that you can anticipate the questions and pick out what concepts will be tested more than others.

Self-testing is a great way to prepare for objective tests. If you have a study guide, homework, or past quizzes to look over, do it. Using problems in your textbook can be really valuable as well. Going through these problems will help you to identify what concepts you are struggling with, allowing you to then concentrate on areas of weakness. Troubleshoot those areas, work hard, think through the problems clearly on test day, and you should come out with a score you can be proud of!


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