Tip: Studying for Tests

Start early and do all the reading that will be tested. Complete the reading a few days before the test so that you can process the information. Take notes while you are reading at home. When test week comes, you can read through your personal notes and the notes from class.

Schedule some time each day over the week leading up to the test. Please do not try to do it all at once! Weekends are helpful for studying more than you may be able to during the week. However, don’t burn yourself out. You could get tired or discouraged instead of getting the most out of your study time.

As always, being successful means finding balance. You do not want your health or other factors outside of school to affect your educational performance. Stay healthy by eating regular meals, exercising, getting adequate sleep, and building supportive relationships.

Following a regular study routine and self-testing can prevent panic and unhealthy habits later. After self-testing, study the concepts you need the most help with again to make sure you understand the material before taking the test. There is nothing worse than walking into a test only to realize that you are unprepared.

Study groups formed with the right mix of people can be very beneficial. Breaking up the work and teaching others concepts may help you understand the material better. Engaging in discussion forces you to think about topics from different angles, which should give you a new perspective and better understanding. Even if you do not like the study group structure, you can simply study with one classmate. If you work well together, why not team up?

Another awesome trick:

If you are a commuter or an auditory learner, reading your notes and book chapters aloud, and recording your voice can be a great option. You can listen to the recordings on your daily drive or in down time between classes. Getting in that extra study time will be worth it! There is nothing worse than an hour of wasted time (daily!) because you are driving. This way you can make that lost time more productive.

People study best in different ways. Your job is to find how you best process and learn information. Once you find that perfect mix and balance, studying will no longer feel overwhelming. Your productivity and your test scores will be through the roof!


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