Simple Guidelines to Ensure Success in Class

Showing up is only part of college. Yet sometimes you have to take a class that always seems to drag. Luckily, there are some simple ways to become more interested in the subject and getting the most out of every college class, because, hey, you are paying to be there! Get your money’s worth with some of these tips:


Read the syllabus

It may go without saying that professors appreciate students who know what is going on in their class. Simply reading the syllabus and writing down assignments can keep you informed.


Know and follow the class rules

Some professors have their quirks. If your teacher has a late policy, try your best to honor it. Increasingly, professors are turning to harsher cell phone policies as well; you could be asked to leave class, no negotiation, if your phone goes off during a lecture. Not only would you miss out on that day of notes, but also give your professor something negative to remember you for. It pays off to follow the rules. Imagine if one of your professors waived final exams (i.e. 100%) for students who had perfect attendance and came to class engaged! Abiding by that policy could seriously benefit you.


Sit up front

Sit in the first row of the class to keep yourself accountable for your attendance and attention. The professor will notice when you are not there and if you are, whether or not you are engaged with the lecture. This helps you stay alert and take better notes.

If you are not interested in the subject, try leaning forward. Not only do you appear more engaged through body language, but also may actually become interested by pretending to be. Hopefully, your mind will mimic your body and you will be able to get through the lecture gracefully.


Ask questions

You have heard it before: If you do not understand, ask. If you want to know more, ask. No need to be embarrassed. Really. And if you need help, please ask for it sooner rather than later. It will save you stress later when you are studying for exams. Added bonus: you will score points with the professor by showing that you have been actively listening to lectures.


Interact with your professor

Participate in the classroom conversation, ask questions, visit during office hours, and communicate via email to get to know your professor. You will likely get more out of your education this way. Plus, should you ever need a letter of recommendation, you will have a good option in a professor you made an effort to interact with.

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