On-Campus Jobs for College Students

These days, the reality is that most college students have part-time jobs to pay the bills and maybe earn a little extra cash. However, working around a crazy class schedule can be tricky. One of the best ways to accommodate your schedule could be to work on your college campus. You could get in a few hours between classes, make some money, build your resume, and reduce the stress of getting to a job on time.


Stop by the learning center at your college to apply for a peer-tutoring position. Typically, there is a high demand for math and science tutors. So if you are a chemistry whiz or a statistics buff, this is a great place to look for a flexible source of income. Do not fret, English majors! There are also chances for students of the arts and humanities to tutor on campus. Colleges often have writing centers that offer help with writing and editing papers in any subject. Not only does tutoring others help you expertly master content in your area of study, but also allows

Resident Assistant

Living on campus can have its perks, and becoming a resident assistant in one of the dorms is often the most lucrative position on campus. A resident assistant (RA) typically receives a scholarship covering room and board. This could shave $10,000+ off your yearly bill! Case in point: when the university waives the costs of food and living arrangements, it can significantly lighten your financial burden. If you like the idea of leading your peers and helping others adjust to college life, this could be a good fit.

Dining Services

You could work for campus food services in the dining hall or at other locations on campus such as Starbucks, Einstein’s, or Jamba Juice. It may not be glamorous, but it pays, and you will likely get free meals or discounts.

Fitness Center

If you are interested in sports and staying fit, working at the campus gym could be fun. If you study kinesiology, this would also be right up your alley. It would be convenient for your workouts, too! You can work within the fitness center at the front desk, as an attendant, or in another athletic-related position.

Those who can mediate conflict and handle intense situations should look into becoming a referee. Intramural sports leagues usually advertise open positions and provide training for the referees to prepare for the games. Games are played in the evening, so fitting hours into your school schedule could be a little easier. Another plus: referees typically earn a bit more than someone working as a fitness attendant.


If you qualify, you can find a federal work-study position through your university. Jobs could include working as a computer lab monitor, administrative assistant, or in the library. In front desk positions, you could be allowed to do homework while you hold down the fort. Sounds like a good deal!

Campus Publications and Broadcasting

Yearbook, newspaper, and the university television station are great ways to get experience in your field. Yearbooks and newspapers typically compensate per piece. If you like writing, editing, filming, or photography, these outlets will be fun and educational. If you start early, you could work your way up to editor-in-chief!

Another lesser-known employment option is your college radio station. NPR, anyone?! Due to low budgets, there are often only volunteer positions available at on-campus, student-run radio stations. However, if your university has a National Public Radio-affiliated station, you can likely get paid – or at least score an unpaid internship.

Go Greek

Look within your own fraternity or sorority for a position, such as serving as head of communications. Some paid opportunities could be found within the House or with the campus PanHellenic Council.


Depending on your university, there could be numerous other opportunities for employment. If working on campus does not appeal to you, visit the career office for other options or apply elsewhere. Whichever route you go for finding a part-time job, you will still be making that much-needed cash. Consult your student career website, which compiles job and internship postings for students to apply to directly from the site, to find opportunities that fit your skillset.


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